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Mongrel has been a part of Carytown for so long, we’ve become its tourist bureau. “Hello, Carytown Concierge!” ~ Garnett

Mongrel people

Mongrel People


MARK • Co-owner

Being a black and white kind of guy, which comes from a background in banking and accounting, I live in color through Mongrel. While my focus is primarily on the financials and operations of the store, I do have fun (when my time permits) buying fun stuff for Mongrel and working with Stan on the ever changing directions Mongrel hurls through daily. Creating, cultivating and nurturing a "living being", as Mongrel is, is a daily event loaded with fun, laughter and a few tears. It's great also to be able to take my two dogs, Olive and Alma, to work with me every day.





After graduating from VCU, I moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion. I spent many years as a designer for boutique and designer lines and then spent many more traveling the globe, developing textiles. I decided I needed a change of pace and moved back to Richmond. Fate led me to Mongrel. I had always loved shopping in the store when I was in town visiting. The chance to join the team and be responsible for the visual merchandising and assisting with the buying was just too tempting! When I am not making magic at the store, I am baking, making jewelry, raising my son, and playing with my 2 1/2 pug dogs.


STAN • Co-owner

I hail originally from North Carolina but now call Richmond my home. I love exploring and finding out what makes people (including myself) tick. And what our ticks are. What makes something funny? What makes something beautiful? What makes something taste good? Mongrel is a laboratory of sorts to explore these questions. It is my hope that through these explorations Mongrel is able to offer goods and materials that enhance life both on a quotidian level and by elevating special occasions and memories.

Animal Collective
J. S. Bach
James Blake
David Byrne
Neko Case
Cat Power
John Coltrane
Ry Cooder
Jacqueline de Pre
Ella Fitzgerald
Grizzly Bear
Daniel Lanois
Pauline Oliveros
Talking Heads
Hank Williams
Yo La Tengo




When I was a very young buck, I spent a lot of time playing with things that weren't intended to be toys. Common-yet-fascinating things—everyday objects injected with imagination—THESE were my most prized playthings. My favorite activity was always making things. Still today, I am most fulfilled when I am creating something. My love for, and tendency to reify, well-made and interesting things is no doubt what led me to Mongrel. The pleasure of being surrounded by great, interesting people undoubtedly keeps me here.



Back in 1995 when I started working at Mongrel, I could not foresee that I would still be here today! After finishing a six year stint at a corporate music store, I knew there had to be something better "out there" for me. I grew up in Richmond and have always loved Carytown. One day, I happened upon a classified ad in the Times Dispatch that Mongrel was hiring and the rest is history! Coming from a creative background, I loved the aesthetic of Mongrel, and it's what has kept me here for so many years. Do what you love, and love what you do. I am a lucky man...and don't get me started talking about my two beautiful cats, Frog and Toad. Trust me on this....


"Grrrr" was the first sound ever uttered by Patrick, and knowing him, that'll most likely be his last as well. Originally born in Hawaii, this action-cat has traveled all across the country, absorbing every experience and interaction along the way. He eventually found his way to Richmond and, like so many before him, fell in love with its unique charm. After nuzzling down, he began exploring the city's eclectic blend of subcultures and communities. There he found his love for biking, mechanics, mopeds, and more. He and his orange tabby, Simon, look forward to the years of fun and excitement ahead of them!


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