Pico Design

Andrea Panico is the founder and Creative Director of Pico Design. An industrial designer who loves both the large scale of architecture and the small scale of jewelry, her designs bring the two together in a collection of modern heirloom jewelry. Panico creates pieces that are unique and designed for women who are equally so.

The name Pico is short for the Italian word Piccolo, meaning little or small. Like Mies Van der Rohe, we believe that “God is in the Details,” and that the little things are hugely important in design. No matter how small, all the choices we make are design decisions. Pico celebrates the little things and the big impact they have in our homes, on our bodies and in our lives.

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Mind’s Eye Design

Mind’s Eye Design is an independent jewelry company based in and inspired by the beauty of Northern California. Tara Brown is the woman behind the designs. She has been making jewelry since 1989, when a high school art teacher introduced her to lost wax casting and soldering. She studied fine art and art history and has the artists equivalent to a green thumb. She uses her knack for design for everything from Easter egg decoration to festive flag making. Her years of making jewelry and just generally making ordinary objects beautiful have resulted in the creation of Mind’s Eye Design: a jewelry company dedicated to sourcing the majority of materials used from U.S. companies and working with other small, independent manufactures.

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